Registering your service for 911 (E911)

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*** NOTE: For OOMA ENTERPRISE customers and resellers ONLY ***

Description: This article is designed to guide you through the process of registering business locations or locations for E911 services.

Please note: this article is for emergency services in North America only and exclusively for Ooma Enterprise customers and resellers. If you are an Ooma Enterprise customer and require coverage in other geographies, please contact our support team.
Filling out the 911 Service Address section is a statutory requirement. It ensures that, in the event of a call to 911 from this number, the operator can immediately determine the address of the terminal from which the call was made.

To register locations for E911 services, access the Numbers app.

New Admin Portal 

Within the "Numbers in use" tab, you will see the table of purchased phone numbers assigned to your Ooma account

For numbers without associated E911 addresses, the "Missing address" message will appear in the "E911 SERVICE ADDRESS" column

To configure them, click the pencil badge in the row of the desired number, and you will enter the edit mode.

Once you enter the edit mode of the selected number, you only need to configure parameters within the "911 Service Address" tab.

There are nine parameters here you are able to configure:

  • Apply Site location: by clicking this button, a pop-up window will appear above the page, displaying a table of pre-set addresses associated with your Ooma account. From this list, you can select the appropriate address to be used as the 911 Service Address for the phone number you are configuring. All subsequent fields on this page will be automatically populated with the details of the selected address.

If you wish to edit or add new addresses for business purposes, access the list of pre-set addresses in the Account tab of the Phone System app. In the "Site Locations" subtab, you will find all the pre-set addresses listed.

  • Search Address: if none of the pre-set addresses is suitable for assigning as the 911 Service Address for the phone number you are configuring, you can use this field to search for a specific address using the Google search engine.

If, for any reason, the address you input cannot be identified by Google, you can manually enter it into the subsequent fields, which are intuitively understandable.

  • Street Address: enter the street address of the location you want to assign to the configured number as the 911 Service Address.
  • Unit/Suite: enter the unit or suite of the location you want to assign to the configured number as the 911 Service Address.
  • City: enter the name of the city you want to assign to the configured number as the 911 Service Address.
  • Province/State: enter the province or state where the of the city you want to assign to the configured number as the 911 Service Address is located.
  • Postal Code: enter the postal code of the location you want to assign to the configured number as the 911 Service Address.
  • Contact Name: enter the name of the person you want to assign to the 911 Service Address as the emergency contact.
  • Email Address(es): fill out this optional field with an email address or addresses of the person you want to assign to the 911 Service Address as the emergency contact.

When all the mandatory fields are filled out, click the "SAVE" button to apply all the changes.

If you forget to click this button and attempt to exit the edit mode of the phone number you are configuring, you will receive the following message:

After saving the entered address, you will see it displayed in the table of purchased numbers.

As filling out the 911 Service Address section is a statutory requirement for each number you own, the system will notify you about numbers without associated 911 Service Addresses upon every login to the Ooma Enterprise portal.

Older Admin Portal (with the dark theme)

Our company has only one physical location:

  • For your convenience, you can manage your E911 registrations from within the Management Portal available via this link.
  • Log into your Ooma Enterprise Account.
  • Select the Phone Numbers (or Number Manager) module from the list of apps across the top of the page.


  • Find the number you would like to register and click the blue E911 link in the same line.
  • Only input digits (without parenthesis, space, etc)
  • Enter the appropriate address information for the number


If your company has more than one physical location serviced by Ooma Enterprise, complete the step for each number that requires an E911 registration. Please note that for companies with more than one physical location and E911 registration the following should be taken into account.

  • Ooma Enterprise is unable to accomodate a default emergency outgoing caller ID on a per location basis; instead, you can only set one for all locations.
  • For each additional location, you will need to create an override for the Emergency Caller ID. This needs to be done for each extension at a given location and can be done from within the Management Portal.
  • If unsure on the override steps or how to set the default emergency outgoing caller ID, please contact your Ooma Enterprise Customer Success Hero to request access or training.
  • Unsure how to reach us? Please see How do I Contact Ooma Enterprise Support?
  • Once completed, please verify that the outgoing caller ID for each phone extension corresponds to the appropriate location and E911 registration.

Successful E911 registrations are displayed with green text in the Phone Numbers module of the Management Portal.



Clicking the E911 text on a successful registration will allow you to verify the existing registration or edit the information contained within.



  • If unsure on how many or which phone numbers your company has registered with Ooma Enterprise, please submit a request here to be provided a list.
  • If you would like further guidance or training on how to add or update an address to a telephone number using the self-service options in the Management Portal, please contact Ooma Enterprise Support here or call us at 1-866-688-8666 and select option 1 from the menu.

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