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Description: The purpose of this article is to provide a detailed overview of the E911 Address Template address that should be used to operate with the Bulk Manager App.

The Bulk Manager App, an integral component of the Ooma Enterprise system, serves as a powerful tool designed to quickly onboard hundreds of users. Its main objective is to facilitate the creation of Seats in a fast and efficient manner: this app streamlines the process by allowing administrators to create a significant quantity of Seats quickly and efficiently by using CSV files. 

Upon logging into the Bulk Manager App, users will be presented with the app’s interface that has the following appearance as the default view.

CSV Template. General Information  

By pressing the "Download Template" button and selecting the "E11 address" option, you will initiate the download of the E911 Address Template file, which is the recommended format for updating the E911 address via the app.

The CSV template file provided through this button is regularly updated and maintained by Ooma Enterprise.

You can conveniently modify the CSV template file obtained from the app by using any suitable software such as Microsoft Excel.

When you open the E911 Address Template file in any editing application (specifically, Excel in our case), it will have the following appearance:

The E911 Address Template is a CSV file that is structured in a specific manner to arrange information in a tabular format, where each row represents a collection of parameters filled into a series of columns, which will be explained in detail below.

The file comprises 8 columns of parameters:

Is it obligatory to fill out this parameter?
Validation rules
Set the phone number of a person, organization, or board you want to designate as the E911 address. The value can be entered with or without the international "country" code.yesThis field cannot be blanked. It must be a valid 10-digit number which can be added with or without the "+" sign.
street_addressSpecify the street name of the person, organization, or board that you want to designate as the E911 address.yes 
unit/suiteHere, specify the Unit or Suite number, if applicable.

Here, you can specify the city where the contact associated with the E911 address is located.

province/stateEnter here the abbreviation of the province or state where the city of the contact associated with the E911 address is located.
yesThe entry should be abbreviated.

Enter the postal code associated with the address of the contact here.


Canadian postal code have to be in the format: A1B 0A0.

US postal code have to be five digits or five digits followed a hyphen (dash) and another four digits (12345-1234)

contact_namePlease enter the contact name or any identification information related to the EEE address here.

Enter one or several email addresses associated with the contact linked to the E911 address here.

noIf there are more than one email address, they should be separated by comma.

In the case of a number already have 911 address assigned, the updated data should overwrite the existing E911 address. In the case of unsuccessful attempt, the existing address should not be updated.

A correctly filled-out example of the CSV file will appear as follows:

Updating the E911 Address  

To do so, download the CSV template by pressing the "Download Template" button and selecting the "E911 address" option to download the E911 address template. 

Open then the downloaded file using a compatible program, such as Microsoft Excel.


Add the required fields, make the desired changes, and save the file. Afterward, within the Bulk Manager App, select the "Update E911 address" button and navigate to the file's location using your PC's file system to upload it.

After uploading the completed E911 address template into the Bulk Manager App, it is possible to encounter backend or validation errors. If such an issue occurs, you will receive an error message indicating the problem, and you will need to make the necessary corrections in the file accordingly.

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