Bulk Manager App - Login and Switching Accounts

Modified on Mon, 11 Sep 2023 at 07:16 PM

Description: The purpose of this article is to provide a detailed overview of the Login process for accessing the Bulk Manager App.

The Bulk Manager App, an integral component of the Ooma Enterprise system, serves as a powerful tool designed to quickly onboard hundreds of users. Its main objective is to facilitate the creation of Seats in a fast and efficient manner: this app streamlines the process by allowing administrators to create a significant quantity of Seats quickly and efficiently by using CSV files.

To access the Bulk Manager App, begin by logging into the Ooma Enterprise Admin Portal. Once logged in, locate the Apps icon in the top panel of the portal and click on it.

Then, in the newly opened window, simply choose the Bulk Manager App.

Once the Bulk Manager App is selected, you will be automatically directed to the web page of the app, where you will encounter the login form.

To achieve a successful login to the app, complete the fields within this form:

  • Username: input your username.

  • Password: input your password.

  • Account Name: input the name of your Ooma Enterprise account.

Once you click the "Login" button, you will be directed to the Bulk Manager App’s Seats page where you you can find the table of existing seats.

From this point onward, the app is fully prepared for adding bulk Seats.

If you wish to access the Bulk Manager App using a different account, there's no need to log out. To do so, you have to know account ID of that account. To change accounts, just click on the Account Name Button displaying your current account name located in the upper-right corner of the App Header Panel, and then choose the "Switch Account" option from the dropdown menu that appears.

When you choose this option, a pop-up window will appear within the app, asking you to input the account ID for the account you want to switch to.

If you enter a correct account ID and click the "Next" button, a confirmation message will be displayed.

To proceed, click the "Next" button, or if you prefer to exit the dialog form and access the Seats Page using the previously logged-in account, click the "Cancel" button.

In case you enter an incorrect account ID, a message will be displayed below the field to notify you of the error.

In the meantime, if you enter an account ID to which you do not have access, you will receive a different error message.

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