Advanced Analytics - Dashboards - Interface Overview

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Description: The purpose of this article is to provide a detailed overview of the interface of the Dashboards section within Ooma Enterprise Advanced Analytics.

Advanced Analytics serves as the primary digital workspace for end-users involved in call analytics. Within this portal, users can access various tools and features to efficiently manage and supervise their call analytics.

When you click on the respective option in the left-hand menu, the main space of the app will display the "Dashboards" page.

Dashboards are intended for use by supervisors, team leaders, and other management personnel from their desktop computers. They offer an intuitive and highly customizable interface that provides comprehensive insights into communications. Additionally, where applicable, dashboards empower users with active control over calls and agent status.

The Dashboards Section Interface Overview

All the presented information is divided into two primary sections.

  • Dashboard of Tiles: the main space of the page features the dashboard consisting of Stat Tiles. Each individual Stat Tile corresponds to the data of a specific field within the statistics gathered by Advanced Analytics, which is based on the calling activity. 
Up to 64 tiles can be added to a view.

Every Stat Tile is assigned a random color and exhibits the field name along with three action buttons.

  • Filter: upon selecting the "Filter" badge, a dropdown menu will be revealed, presenting all accessible filters. Furthermore, within this list, you will find the "Add quick filter" option, enabling you to generate a new filter and instantly apply it to the field of the configured Stat Tile, bypassing the need to navigate to the "Filters" section of Advanced Analytics.

For further information regarding filters and the "Filters" section of Advanced Analytics, please refer to the article accessible through this link.

  • Full Screen: by clicking on the "Full Screen" badge, you can enlarge the selected Stat Tile to fit the entire screen.

  • Actions: when you click on the three-dot button, a dropdown menu will be displayed, presenting the main actions that you can perform on the Stat Tile, namely: Edit, Clone, and Delete.

  • Top Panel: the Top Panel consists of primary selectors and action buttons that facilitate various configurations with the currently active Dashboard.

  • View Selector: when you click on this field, a dropdown menu will appear displaying all the available Views.

In the context of Advanced Analytics Dashboards, a "View" refers to a collection of Stat Tiles that depict specific call analytics statistics. The terms "View" and "Dashboard" can be used interchangeably in this context.

By default, there are two Views: Incoming View and Outgoing View. Furthermore, within this dropdown menu, you will find the "Create New View" option. Choosing this option will initiate the creation of a new View using the Create New View wizard. A link to the corresponding article about the creation of a new View will be provided further in this article.

  • Access View Settings: when you click on the "Gear" badge, a pop-up dialog menu will appear on the right-hand side of the window. This menu allows you to modify the basic parameters of the configured View. The dialog form presented in this menu is identical to the one used when creating a new View. Therefore, a detailed description and explanation of this dialog form can be found in the "Creating a new View" article available below.

  • Add to Favorites: upon clicking the Star badge, it will alter its color, and the current View will be added to the Favorites section of Advanced Analytics.

  • Unlock the view: when you click on the Lock badge, its appearance will change to the Open Lock badge, and the "Add new tile" button that looks like a "+" badge will become visible. 

This button enables you to create a new Stat Tile specifically for the active View.

  • Add new tile: by pressing this button, the Create New Tile wizard will be launched. It will be explained in one of the further articles.
  • Full Screen: by clicking on the "Full Screen" badge, you can enlarge the active View to fit the entire screen.

Below is a list of articles that explain various practical aspects of the functioning of Advanced Analytics Dashboards:

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