The Voicemail Section. The Advanced Options Tab

Modified on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 01:39 PM

Description: Here you can reconfigure the advanced options of the Voicemail Box that are currently set up.

Here you can reconfigure the advanced options of the Voicemail Box selected in the Table of Existing Voicemail Boxes located in the Voicemail Section of the Phone System App. There are 12 parameters in this tab:

  • Media Extension: by clicking on this field, a list of various audio file formats will appear in a drop-down menu, from which you can choose the desired one for recording voicemails.

  • Already Setup: this parameter indicates whether a voicemail box has been configured and set up by the user. Enabling this parameter confirms that all the required settings and preferences have been properly configured and that the voicemail box is now available for use.

  • Skip Greeting: by enabling this option, you allow the caller to bypass the pre-recorded greeting message and go directly to leaving a voicemail message.

  • Auto-login enabled: when this feature is enabled, the configured voicemail box allows the user to automatically log in without requiring them to enter their credentials, such as their username and password, every time they access it.

  • Announce only-mode: if this mode is activated, the system functions in a way that only the greeting is played to the caller upon calling, and they are then disconnected without the option to leave a message.

  • Skip instructions: enabling this feature allows the caller to bypass or skip the recorded instructions or prompts that typically play before the voicemail message recording begins.

  • Configurable via menu: enabling this option grants the user the ability to modify their voicemail settings through the phone menu.

  • Delete after notification: by enabling this parameter, you allow the voicemail system to automatically delete a message from the server after it has been successfully delivered and a notification has been sent to the intended recipient. 

The purpose of this feature is to assist in the management of voicemail storage by automatically removing messages that have been received and acknowledged by the user in order to prevent the voicemail box from reaching its storage limit. 

It should be noted that activating this feature will result in the permanent removal of messages, rendering them inaccessible for playback or retrieval.

  • Sort voicemail box by oldest message first: this parameter arranges the messages in the voicemail box based on the time they were received, with the oldest message appearing at the top of the list and the newest message at the bottom. 

  • Require PIN: it is a security feature that requires the user to enter a PIN number before they can access their voicemail messages.

The Voicemail Box PIN number can be configured in the Basics Tab of the Voicemail Section.

  • Operator Number: here you can input the phone number to which the caller will be directed if they press the operator button when leaving a voicemail.

  • MWI Notification Number: here you can enter a phone number that is designated to receive notification messages when there are new voicemail messages waiting to be retrieved from the voicemail box.

The acronym MWI refers to "Message Waiting Indicator," which is a functionality that notifies users of new voicemails. Whenever a new voicemail message is left in a voicemail box, a notification message is sent to the MWI Notification Number, informing the user that there is a new message waiting to be heard.

Once you have changed some parameters, do not forget to click the "SAVE" button to apply the changes.

The Phone System App will display a green badge with an exclamation mark next to any field that has been modified.  

The Phone System App will notify you that leaving the page will result in the loss of any unsaved changes. 

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