Seats. Adding a New Seat

Modified on Tue, Jul 4, 2023 at 1:52 PM

Description: The primary objective of this Section within the Phone System App is to create Seats and set their parameters.  

Seats Section Interface Overview 

The Seats Section interface consists of three main elements:

  • Table of Existing Seats: it presents a roster of seats allocated to your account. 

When first accessing the Seats Functional Section of the Phone System App, it is likely that the Table of Existing Seats will not have any information. To create a new Seat, click on the "Add Seat" button 

  • Search field: it is used to locate a specific Seat within the Table of Existing Seats based on one of its parameters. 

  • "Add Seat" button: upon clicking this button, a dropdown menu will appear, displaying the various types of Seats that can be created. 

For further details about the given Seat types, please refer to the article available via this link. 

Regardless of the Seat type chosen from the list, selecting it will always result in the same window being opened. Here you can set various parameters for the newly created Seat

The window designed to configure Seat parameters comprises of seven tabs. A list of these tabs, along with individual links to their corresponding articles, can be found here. 

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