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Description: The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of the partner version of the Ooma Teams Portal.

The Ooma Teams Portal serves as a digital platform for managing MS Teams services on behalf of customers.

Getting Access to the Portal

To log in the Ooma Teams Portal, use this link. As you go through the login procedure, Microsoft will prompt you to choose the relevant account for granting access. 

Additionally, the system might request that you download the official Microsoft "Authenticator" app for identity verification, secure credential storage, and to streamline future login attempts by sending push notifications.

Upon the completion of the login process, you will gain access to the partner version of the Ooma Teams Portal. Upon entering the selected portal, you will be presented with an interface that bears a resemblance to the screenshot depicted below. 

In the Left-hand menu, you will find just one tab which is opened by default:

In the main space of the app, you will discover a table of existing customers displaying the accounts associated with you.

Above the table, you will find the search bar and several action buttons:

  • New: clicking this button will trigger the process of creating a new customer account.

There are five parameters that need to be configured:

  • Account ID: in this field, you should input the Account ID of the newly created customer
  • Office 365 Tenant Name: in this field, you should input the Microsoft 365 Tennant Name of the configured customer. This information should be provided to you by the customer.
  • Max Channels: in this field, you should input the number of channels specified in the contract between the customer and Ooma. This figure determines the maximum number of concurrent calls.
Typically, the number entered here should be determined based on the Seat type: 
- For MS Teams unbundled seats, the channel numbers should be one-tenth of the total seats. 
- For MS Teams Bundled seats, the channel numbers should match the seat count.
  • Name: here, you can input a Name to identify this service.
  • Sync after save: by activating this toggle switch, the newly created customer account will be automatically synchronized with the Seats created in the Ooma system when you click the "Save" button. This eliminates the necessity to select the customer account in the table of existing customers and manually press the "Sync" button after saving.
  • Details: this button is only enabled when you choose a customer from the table of existing customers. Upon clicking it, you will be directed to a page where you can access comprehensive information regarding the selected customer.

You cannot modify this information here.

  • Phone Numbers: this button is only enabled when you select a customer from the table of existing customers. Upon clicking it, you will be directed to a page where you can find a list of all phone numbers assigned to the selected customer.

There are three action buttons here:

  • Close: by clicking this button, you will navigate back to the Customer page of the Portal.
  • Add: by using this button, you can assign new phone numbers to the configured customer. When you press the "Add" button, a new form will appear above the page. 

There is only one field that needs to be configured.

  • Numbers: in this field, you can input the phone numbers that you wish to assign to the configured customer. Each new phone number should be entered on a separate line.

  • Remove: by using this action button, you can detach previously assigned phone numbers. When you press the "Remove" button, a pop-up window will appear above the page, prompting you to confirm the removal of the phone number.

Additionally, there is a toggle switch that allows you to specify whether you wish to delete or retain the phone number after removal.

  • Manage: this button becomes active only when the selected customer has activated the "Allow carrier to co-manage your serviceoption within the customer version of the Ooma Teams Portal, which is depicted as follows.

You can determine this by examining the "Can manage?" column, where the selected customer's yes/no status indicates whether the action has been taken.

If this feature is enabled, after selecting a customer and pressing the "Manage" button, two additional tabs will appear (the Users and Phone Numbers Tabs), which mirror the corresponding tabs in the customer version of the Ooma Teams Portal.

You can use these tabs to execute actions on behalf of the selected customer you are able to manage.

  • Sync: clicking this button initiates the system to synchronize all the changes you have made in the configuration of a selected customer
Certain processes, such as adding new phone numbers, will not take effect until you sync that customer's configuration.

Another benefit of the synchronization process is the capability of the system to identify the current status of every phone number linked to the configured customer.

Please take note of the following status definitions: 
- "This number cannot be synс’ed automatically (backend reports fatal)" indicates that the phone number has already been assigned to a non-Microsoft Teams Seat, 
- "Needs to be added to portal (not in backend)" signifies that the phone number is available for assignment.

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