The activation process of the account

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Description: The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of the activation process of your account via the Ooma Teams Portal

The following actions must be performed by a user who has Global Admin role in your Microsoft 365 account.

There are two methods available for activating your account:

  • Fully automated activation
  • Manual activation

Fully Automated Activation

To activate your account, start by signing in to the Ooma Teams Portal. Once you have accessed the Portal, you will be presented with an interface that bears a resemblance to the screenshot depicted below. 

To learn more about the Ooma Teams Portal's interface and login process, please refer to the relevant article titled "Overview of the Ooma Teams Portal's Interface," which can be accessed via this link.

For the very first entry, your account will be inactive, and you will notice the "Activate" button.

If, for any reason, your account is already activated, you will not see the "Activate" button; instead, you will find an "Active" status.

The instructions provided in this user guide assume that your account is not yet active. To initiate the activation process for your account, click on the "Activate" button.

This action will trigger a pop-up window, requesting your permission to access your account within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Do not forget to select the "Consent on behalf of your organization" checkbox.

Next, click the "Accept" button to initiate the activation process. 

This process may take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, so there's no need to be concerned about a lengthy processing time: it is not a glitch, just be patient and wait a little longer.

Once the activation process is complete, you will notice that your account's status on this page changes to "Active."

There is only one optional parameters on this tab that you can configure:

  • Allow Carrier to co-manage Your Service: enabling this toggle switch allows Ooma to co-manage your service. This means that Ooma’s representatives can assist you with assigning numbers to users on your behalf and supporting you with any issue.
The decision to enable this option depends on your company's policies.

There is also the "Manual activation" toggle switch that should not be used for the fully automated activation of your account. This switch is reserved for the manual activation process, which will be explained further in this user guide.

Manual Activation

Similar to fully automated activation described above, the manual activation begins the same way: by signing in to the Ooma Teams Portal.

In the lower half of the page, within the Advanced Options section, you will find the "Manual Activation" toggle switch.

Enabling this toggle switch allows you to manually set domain verification codes and complete the activation process with no need to consent to additional permission. This toggle switch can only be activated before initiating the account activation procedure. To finalize the manual activation, you will require additional information regarding Domains/PSTN Gateways, which is also available on this tab. 

Once your account has been activated, the displayed Domains/PSTN Gateways will also have their statuses updated to "Active."

Upon completion of this step, the global admin is required to perform additional steps on MS Admin center. You will not receive a notification when these steps are finished; instead, you will notice that your account's status on this page changes to "Active."

There is no need to follow the manual activation process unless you have a specific reason to not follow the fully automated activation process. However, if you choose to proceed with the fully automated activation, please refer to the relevant article accessible through this link. 

It is important to note that the manual activation process is not recommended for inexperienced users.

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