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Description: A Seat in the Ooma Enterprise system refers to a license that enables a single user to access and utilize the phone system. There are several types of Seats available in the Ooma Enterprise system.  

In the Ooma Enterprise system, a Seat refers to a user license that allows an individual user to access and use the phone system. Each Seat represents a unique user Account that can be assigned to a specific phone device, such as a desk phone or softphone application on a computer or mobile device. 

The concept of a Seat in the Ooma Enterprise system is similar to that of a traditional phone system, where each user is assigned a phone number and extension. However, in the Ooma Enterprise system, Seats are virtual, meaning that they can be assigned to any device that is connected to the Internet and can be easily re-assigned or moved to another device if needed. 

Businesses can purchase as many Seats as they need to support their employees, and each seat can be customized with its own unique settings and permissions. The number of Seats a business needs will depend on its size and the number of employees who require access to the phone system.

The Phone System App within the Ooma Enterprise system provides a range of Seat types, each tailored for specific purposes. To create a Seat, navigate to the Seats Tab and click the "Add Seat" button, which will display a drop-down menu of available types for you to select from based on your requirements. 

This article will provide an overview of the various Seat types available. For detailed instructions on creating a new Seat, please refer to the corresponding article via this link. 

At Ooma Enterprise, we offer our clients customized enterprise solutions that are both distinctive and flexible. Our Service Plans, which can be accessed on our website, are specifically designed to cater to the diverse communication and collaboration needs, ensuring that they align perfectly with the requirements of any business. 

Every Service Plan offered provides a license to access one of the three Seat types available within the Ooma Enterprise system:

  • Standard: the aim of this Seat type is to offer enterprise businesses all the essential telephony features necessary to operate. This Seat type provides its users with access to a range of UCaaS features that assist in the effective utilization of their phone system. 
  • Enhanced: this Seat type is specifically tailored for businesses and organizations that have advanced communication needs. It grants users access to the most advanced UcaaS features and functionalities in order to fulfill the demands of organizations with complex communication requirements. 
  • Call Center: it is a Seat type that is specifically designed for call center operations and comes with a range of advanced features that are essential for managing and optimizing call center operations. 

Ooma Enterprise can provide its clients with multiple add-on Seats to customize their phone system in accordance with their requirements or special needs. 

To learn more about the various Seat types, please get in touch with your account manager or official Ooma Enterprise customer support. 

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