How to send an e-fax

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Description: The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed instructions on using the eFax feature for sending and receiving faxes through an email service.

While you have the flexibility to choose your preferred mail client, the example provided in this guide for using the eFax feature uses Microsoft Outlook as the email service.

To send a fax using your email client, begin by pressing the "New Email" button located on the top horizontal menu of your Microsoft Outlook client.

When you click on this button, a pop-up window will appear with an interface similar to the screenshot below.

You can attach a PDF file of the fax you want to send by using the drag-and-drop technique or by clicking the "Attach File" button in the top horizontal menu of the New Email form. Then, select the "Browse this PC..." option from the drop-down list that appears. This action will prompt an explorer window to appear, allowing you to locate the PDF file of the fax within your file system.

You can input any subject line and text in the email body as desired.

In the "To:" field, you will need to input an email address in the specific domain.

The email address should be in the following format:

The information corresponding to the capitalized letters should be as follows: 

  • XXXXXXXXXX represents the 10-digit phone number you want to receive the fax. 
  • CUSTOMADDRESS represent the custom SMTP address set for your personal or company-wide fax box (this can be found in your admin portal under Hosted PBX / Faxboxes).

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a standard protocol used for sending email messages between servers.
If you want to send a fax to a toll-free number, please remove the "1" prefix from the beginning of the number.

See the example below:

Ensure that there are no other attachments, such as pictures, or additional text like your email signature.

At this stage, the email containing the attached fax is prepared for sending. Simply click the "Send" button to proceed.

You will receive an email notification within approximately 15 minutes confirming if your fax was successfully delivered. If it was undeliverable, you will also receive a notification. In this case, please try sending your fax again.
To receive faxes sent to a fax box, your email address must be assigned to it, and you will need to provide the associated phone number to your customers.

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