The Faxes Section. The Caller ID Tab

Modified on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 01:40 PM

Description: The main purpose of this section is to reconfigure the Caller ID parameters of the Fax Boxes that are currently set up.

Caller ID is a service that displays the caller's phone number and name on the recipient's phone or device before the call is answered. It enables the recipient to identify the caller and decide whether or not to answer the call.

Here you can reconfigure the Caller ID parameters of the Fax Box selected in the Table of Existing Fax Boxes located in the Faxes Section of the Phone System App:

  • Caller ID: in this field, you will find a dropdown menu that shows all the Spare Numbers you have acquired through the Numbers App, including the number assigned to the configured Seat. So, you can assign another number to the configured Fax Box.

  • Caller Name: here you can change a Caller Name for the configured Fax Box.

While you have the option to enter a custom name into this field, the default name that is used is "Kazoo Fax Printer".

  • Fax Header: this is the information that is printed at the top of each fax page sent from the fax box.

While you have the option to enter any information in this field, the default it is "Kazoo Fax Printer".

  • Fax Identity: this field is used to input a phone number that will be printed on the fax.

Once you have changed some parameters, do not forget to click the "SAVE" button to apply the changes.

The Phone System App will display a green badge with an exclamation mark next to any field that has been modified.  

The Phone System App will notify you that leaving the page will result in the loss of any unsaved changes. 

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