The Devices Section. The Audio Video Tab.

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Description: Here you have the option to reconfigure the Audio and Video parameters of the device that is currently set up.

Here you can reconfigure the Audio and Video parameters of the device selected in the Table of Existing Devices located in the Devices Section of the Phone System App:

  • Music on Hold: this feature allows callers to hear music or other audio while they are waiting on hold. When a caller is placed on hold, instead of being left in silence, the phone system plays pre-recorded music or audio to make the wait more pleasant or interesting. Here you can change the music you have set earlier.

When you click on this field, a dropdown list will appear containing all the available options that you can select to be set as the music on hold for calls.

  • Peer-to-Peer Audio: here you can change the type of a peer-to-peer audio connection with the reconfigured device. If you click on this field, a list of available options for a peer-to-peer audio connection will appear in a dropdown menu.

Peer-to-peer audio is a type of audio connection where two endpoints, such as two users or devices, communicate with each other directly, without relying on a central server or intermediary. This method of audio communication eliminates the need for a central server to route the audio, which can add complications and delays to the process, as is typical in traditional phone systems.

  • Secure RTP: here you can change the previously selected security protocol for real-time communication sessions. By clicking on this field, a dropdown list will appear containing all the available options that implement Secure RTP.

Secure RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) is a security feature that provides encryption and authentication for data transmission during real-time communication sessions, such as audio and video calls. 

SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) and ZRTP (Zimmermann Real-time Transport Protocol) are examples of protocols that implement Secure RTP. These protocols help to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and other security threats by encrypting the data in transit and verifying its authenticity.

  • Audio Codecs: here you can change the Audio codecs selected for the configured device.

  • Video Codecs: here you can change the Video codecs selected for the configured device.

Once you have changed some parameters, do not forget to click the "SAVE" button to apply the changes.

The Phone System App will display a green badge with an exclamation mark next to any field that has been modified.  

The Phone System App will notify you that leaving the page will result in the loss of any unsaved changes. 

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