The Phone System App. The Configurator Interface Overview

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Description: The main purpose of the Callflows Configurator is to create and personalize call flows according to your specific needs.

When opened within the Main Space of the Phone System App, the user interface of the Callflows Configurator consists of five elements:  

  • System Panel: within this section, you will locate three buttons: 
  • Save: at first, the "Save" button will be disabled until modifications are made to the call flow

Once changes have been made, the button will become active, and clicking on it will open a drop-down menu with three saving options.

  • Save Changes: by clicking this button, you will easily save all of the changes you have made. 
  • Save and Duplicate: clicking on this button will save all modifications made to the current call flow and create a new call flow that duplicates the original. The name of the duplicated call flow will include the name of the original call flow, followed by the word "copy". 

The main Block of the duplicated call flow, which displays the extension and phone numbers in the original call flow, will be left blank. 

  • Save and Create: clicking on this button will save all modifications made to the current call flow and create a new empty call flow
  • Cancel: clicking on this button will cancel any modifications made to the call flow. If changes have been made, the system will prompt you to confirm the cancellation of those changes. 

  • Help: clicking on the icon with a question mark will open a brief guide consisting of three slides on how to build a call flow using Action Blocks
  • List of Existing Callflows: this is a slim vertical panel that can be accessed by clicking on the double-arrowed icon. It displays a list of call flows created under your account. 
  • Navigation Elements: 

  • Undo / Redo: these buttons provide users with the ability to reverse or redo previous actions they have performed.
  • Zoom In / Zoom Out: these buttons allow users to zoom in or out of the call flow diagram, which can be advantageous when working with large and intricate diagrams. 
  • Duplicate: clicking on this button will create a copy of the presently configured call flow. Its functionality is identical to that of the "Save and Duplicate" button described above. 
  • Call Flow Diagram: this is the main area of the Callflows Configurator where most actions occur. With the use of Action Blocks, you can build various functional models of the call flows you have designed. 

In contrast to the call flow diagrams found within the Callflow tab of the Seat section of the Phone System App, the diagrams here are interactive. Whenever modifications are made, this message will appear above the diagram you are working on: 

  • Catalog of Actions: within this section, you will find a Catalog of Actions that can be used as functional Blocks in the design of a call flow. The search bar can be used to locate an Action that may be difficult to find manually. 

To learn how to create call flows using the Callflow Configurator, refer to this article: 

The Actions in this Catalogue are categorized into 11 groups, and each Action will be presented separately in its appropriate article: 

  • Advanced 
  • Pivot
  • Response
  • Manual Presence
  • Group Picking
  • Park
  • Webhook
  • Check Voicemail
  • Application Variables
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Time of Day
  • Time of Day
  • Disable Time of Day
  • Enable Time of Day
  • Reset Time of Day 
  • Call Center 
  • Agent Availability
  • Agent Pause
  • Agent Resume
  • Login Agent
  • Logout Agent
  • Queue
  • Join Queue
  • Leave Queue
  • Required Agent Skills
  • Set Call Priority
  • Wait Time
  • Call Forwarding 
  • Update call forwarding
  • Enable call forwarding
  • Disable call forwarding
  • Caller ID 
  • Dynamic cid
  • Prepend
  • Reset Prepend
  • Set Caller-ID
  • Match Caller-ID
  • Call Recording 
  • Start Call Recording
  • Stop Call Recording
  • Call Settings 
  • Collect DTMF
  • Language
  • Page Group
  • Call Notification
  • Carrier 
  • DISA
  • Conference 
  • Conference
  • Conference Service
  • Fax 
  • Fax Boxes

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