The OE Desktop App. MyDay Overview

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Description: The Ooma Enterprise Desktop App's MyDay Module offers a variety of digital call center management capabilities.  

Upon clicking on the MyDay icon located in the Left-Hand Vertical Menu Bar of the Ooma Enterprise Desktop App, the user interface of the MyDay Module will be displayed in the Main Space of the app.

MyDay Module Interface Overview

The MyDay Module consists of four tabs, each of which will be discussed individually below.

  • Manager View: within this tab, you can access both a Manager Dashboard and a Performance Statistics Table containing data pertaining to the Agents who are under your supervision.

  • Teams: using this tab's interface, you can create and manage Teams of Agents, including the ability to adjust their membership as necessary.

  • Roles: here you can find a list of Agents who are under your supervision and can set their respective Roles within their teams.

  • Agent View: this tab contains some information about the selected Agent being reviewed, including their Activity Feed, Performance Statistics, and a Table of Queues to which they are assigned.

Let's examine the functions of each tab more closely.

The Manager View Tab

There are two main elements on this tab:

  • Dashboard: displays statistical data regarding the performance of the call center that you oversee, including the number of calls, average wait and handling times, the ratio of available Agents to the number of queued calls, and more.

All information displayed on the dashboard is real-time data.

You can modify the available Dashboard settings by clicking on the black gear button.

  • Queue Table: this table contains personal performance statistics for Agents you oversee in the call center, which are grouped by queues. These statistics include the number of calls answered, average handling and wrap-up times, number of callbacks, and more.

If you select one of the Agents listed in the Queue Table, you will be directed to the "View agents" tab, which provides detailed information on their recent activity and performance.

The Teams Tab

The interface of the Teams Tab consists of two sections: 

  • List of Teams: this list displays all the teams under your management, and you can also create a new team by clicking on the "Create Team" button and providing a name for it.

  • List of Team Members: here, you can find a list of all Team Members belonging to the selected Team from the List of Teams. To add new Members, click on the "Add Member" button and choose Agents from the list of individuals assigned to you. To remove Agents from the Team, click on the minus icon next to their names.

Changes made to the Team's composition will become effective after you click on the "Update Team" button.

You can also delete the selected Team by pressing the "Delete Team" button.

The Roles Tab

This tab contains a complete roster of all individuals designated to the call center that you supervise. By selecting the "Select Role" button, a dropdown menu of Roles will appear, allowing you to assign a specific Role to an Agent.

There are only three Roles available in the Teams hierarchy.

Once you have selected or assigned Roles to Agents in the list, do not forget to click on the "Apply" button to apply the changes.

The Agent View Tab

The purpose of this tab is to provide call center managers with access to an Agent's activity data. Additionally, it serves as a tool for Agents to track their daily schedules in real-time and manage incoming calls.

This tab is available upon selecting an Agent from the Manager View Tab. A person who is granted the Agent Role will be able to see the Agent View Tab

The information given in this tab is separated into four sections.

  • Agent’s Information: here you can find an Agent's complete name, currently assigned number, and their Role. Moreover, as a manager, you have the option to log in and out of the chosen Agent by selecting the "Agent Logout" button.

  • Activity Feed: within this section, you can view the Activity Feed of the designated Agent, where events are arranged chronologically and denoted by corresponding icons.

To interrupt an Agent's ongoing activity, simply click on the Pause button. You will then need to select a Pause Reason from the preconfigured list of reasons utilized by your organization.

Once you have chosen one of the available options, click on the "Select Reason" button. The corresponding modification will then be reflected in the Activity Feed, complete with a timestamp of the action.

To access more details about a particular Pause activity listed in the feed, click on the small arrow icon next to its name. 

In some cases, only a duration counter appears.

In other cases, such as when answering a call, you may see some additional information that the system receives.

  • Performance Statistics: here you can find several performance statistics regarding the Agent's call handling, which includes the total number of calls they received and the average handling and wrap-up times.

  • Table of Queues: it displays the number of calls that are currently queued in the specific queues that the Agent is assigned to.

When a call is received, the Agent or the reviewing manager on the Agent View Tab will see a minimized dialler.

To turn your microphone on or off, click on the white microphone button. If you want to place the ongoing call on hold, press the pause button. If you want to exit the call, click the red handset button. Lastly, to enlarge the calling interface, click on the expand button (which features a small square with a diagonal arrow). The expanded dialer is depicted in the image below. The expanded dialer is the Dial Pad Module, which is explained in detail in this article.

The Activity Feed will display all the information collected by the system about the call and the caller once the call has ended.

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