The OE Desktop App. Conference Overview

Modified on Fri, 19 May 2023 at 05:41 PM

Description: The Ooma Enterprise Desktop App offers users a platform to organize video conferences.    

Upon clicking on the Conference icon located in the Left-Hand Vertical Menu Bar of the Ooma Enterprise Desktop App, the user interface of the Conference Module will be displayed in the Main Space of the app.

When accessing the Conference Module, you will initially have access to only the Room List, which shows the rooms you are currently a member of. Once you choose a room from the list, the Conference Module's complete interface will expand in the Main Space of the Ooma Enterprise Desktop App.

There are four primary sections that make up the expanded interface.

  • Room List: as previously mentioned, this is a compilation of conference rooms that you belong to.

  • Participants: in this section, you can view a roster of participants/members in the chosen conference room. The list displays the name, avatar, and current status of each member, and it is not possible to perform any actions on individuals from this list.

To include more individuals in the conference room, click the "Add more…" button. This will open a pop-up window containing a list of available contacts. You can manually search for specific individuals or use the search bar to find them. To select a person, simply click on their name, and a checkmark will appear. After selecting all the desired participants, click the "Confirm" button to add them to the conference room.

  • Chat: this is a basic chat feature that allows you to send messages and share files with other participants during the conference call. To send a file, simply click on the paperclip icon, select the desired file from your device's file system, and then click on the paper airplane icon to send it.

  • Action Buttons: when you click the "Join Call" button, you will either initiate or join an existing conference call. Clicking the "Leave Conference" button will collapse the expanded interface of the Conference Module and display only the Room List.

Once you initiate or join a call, a minimized dialer will appear.

To mute or unmute your audio, click on the white microphone button. If you want to exit the call, click the red handset button. Lastly, to enlarge the calling interface, click on the expand button (which features a small square with a diagonal arrow). The expanded calling interface is depicted in the image below.

Within the expanded dialer, you have the ability to mute your microphone, access the keypad, and view a list of available "Call Actions" by clicking the corresponding button. These actions are listed below.

  • Park Call: it is a function that allows you to place a call on hold by parking it in a designated parking spot.

Parking a call enables someone else within the organization to pick it up, while putting a call on hold is only for the user. 
  • Flip Call: this feature enables you to seamlessly transfer an ongoing call from the Ooma Enterprise Desktop App to the Ooma Enterprise Mobile App on your personal device or vice versa, without any disruption to the conversation.

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