The App Exchange Tab

Modified on Tue, May 30, 2023 at 10:59 AM

Description: You have the ability to enable or disable access to Ooma applications in the child accounts that you have created.

Location of the Accounts App 

After logging in to the Admin Panel, click on the "Apps" icon located in the Top Horizontal Menu Bar.

Upon clicking the "Apps" icon, you will be directed to a new page containing a list of apps integrated into the Admin Panel. To access the Accounts App, locate its name in the list and click on it.

Next, click on the pencil icon located in the rightmost column of the row for the newly created account in the Table of Existing Accounts

This will open a new window where you should open the App Exchange Tab that is discussed in this article.

Regarding the account hierarchy in the system, as described here, each account represents a distinct unit within the client's company, with its own specific role and level of authority based on its position within the hierarchy. As an administrator of one or multiple child accounts, you can manage their access to other Ooma applications according to their roles. 

The App Exchange Tab displays a list of all the applications integrated into the Admin Portal, and by selecting the corresponding checkboxes, you can grant access to those applications for the child account you created.

In the near future, there will be a greater quantity of apps integrated into the Admin Portal and accessible within the Accounts App.

Once you have made changes in this Tab, do not forget to click on the "SAVE" button to apply the changes.  

The Accounts App will display an icon of an exclamation mark within a green circle next to every App that has been enabled or disabled, this icon is used to indicate if any changes have been made to the page. You will see this next to every App that you are making changes to by enabling or disabling the app

The Accounts App will notify you that leaving the page will result in the loss of any unsaved changes. 

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