Account Hierarchy

Modified on Fri, 26 May 2023 at 05:50 PM

Description: The Ooma Enterprise system arranges accounts into a tree structure.     

About Accounts  

In the Ooma Enterprise account system, there exists a hierarchical structure for accounts. Each account represents a distinct unit within the client's company, with its own specific role and level of authority based on its position within the hierarchy. Depending on the level of complexity within a company's organizational structure, it is possible to establish a parent/child hierarchy of a company's branches within a single account to imitate the relationship between a company's branches and its head office.  

A common tree structure for multiple accounts can be observed in the Table of Existing Accounts on the main page of the Accounts App, where child accounts are nested within their respective parent account. 

A manager or administrator at the parent level is able to oversee and manage all accounts situated beneath them within the hierarchy. 

For further information on how to navigate the account hierarchy, please refer to this article.

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