The Call Restrictions Tab

Modified on Fri, May 26, 2023 at 5:52 PM

Description: By configuring the parameters in this tab, you can choose to block or accept outgoing calls of a specific type.

Location of the Accounts App 

After logging in to the Admin Panel, click on the "Apps" icon located in the Top Horizontal Menu Bar.

Upon clicking the "Apps" icon, you will be directed to a new page containing a list of apps integrated into the Admin Panel. To access the Accounts App, locate its name in the list and click on it.

Next, click on the pencil icon located in the rightmost column of the row for the newly created account in the Table of Existing Accounts

This will open a new window where you should open the Call Restrictions Tab that is discussed in this article.

This tab contains a list of different regions and generic call categories (such as Social Services, Unknown, etc.) for which you can configure parameters.

Each call category parameter can take one of two values, which you must select from the dropdown list.

  • Deny: the specific type of call will be denied or blocked for this account. 
  • Inherit: this account will inherit the settings of its parent accounts set for the specific type of call. 

The "Inherit" / "Deny" setting applies to each item individually. If you designate a category as "Deny" at the parent account and set it to "Inherit" at the child account level, it will be denied at both the parent and child accounts. 

A "Closed Group" refers to a collection of accounts that restricts users and devices to only call extensions that belong to the same group.  

For example, if there was a group named "Support Agents" and the "closed groups" option was enabled, members of this group would only be able to call other individuals within the "Support Agents" group or other groups they belong to. 

To assign the account to a closed group, mark the "Closed Group" checkbox.

Once you have inputted data into the fields, do not forget to click on the "SAVE" button to apply the changes.  

The Accounts App will display an icon of an exclamation mark within a green circle next to any fields that have been modified.  

The Accounts App will notify you that leaving the page will result in the loss of any unsaved changes.  

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