Spare Numbers Tab

Modified on Wed, 08 Mar 2023 at 04:09 PM

Description: This section contains a list of all the phone numbers currently associated with your account, and the information on acquiring additional phone numbers for use in your account, either for Seats or within call flows.


Step 1: Open the Spare Numbers Tab.

Step 2: click on the "Buy Number" button and select the type of number you wish to purchase for your account.

Toll-free numbers allow callers to contact your company without  incurring any charges. These numbers can have certain codes and are accessible to callers in various countries. 

This service is highly sought after by customers as they do not have to pay to speak with a business, especially if they have already purchased a product and need to resolve any issues with customer support.

Step 3:  No matter which type of number you choose, the same menu for selecting a country and area code will appear. By clicking on the "Find area code" hyperlink, you will be redirected to, where you can locate the area code for your desired area.

Step 4: After entering the Area Code, the "Search" button becomes active.

Step 5: Next, a window will open with a list of available numbers for this Area Code

By clicking on the circular plus sign, the corresponding number will be added to the Cart, from where it can be removed by clicking on the circular minus sign.

Pressing the "Buy Numbers" button will allow you to purchase all the numbers in the Cart. After a brief download, all acquired numbers will appear in the Spare Numbers Tab.

Step 6: To remove a number from the list, select the checkbox beside the desired number and then click on the active "Delete" button.

Step 7: Within the newly-opened window, you have the option to delete all the previously selected numbers. Additionally, you can remove any number from the pool of selected numbers for deletion by clicking on the circular minus icon. Clearing all numbers from this pool is the same as selecting the "Cancel" button.

Please take note that within this tab, the only actions possible are purchasing new numbers or deleting existing ones.

The Spare Numbers Tab displays only the phone numbers that have been bought but have not yet been assigned to a Seat/User. As soon as they are assigned, they will be moved to the Numbers In Use Tab of the Numbers App

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