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Description: In the Number In Use Tab, additional details may be linked to the phone numbers utilized in call flows.

The acquired spare numbers can be assigned to Seats for use in call flows (found in the Phone System App). Upon creating a new call flow or editing an existing one, a list of all purchased numbers will be accessible (the screenshot below refers to the call flow setup)

Once a specific spare number has been added to a call flow or assigned to a Seat, resulting in the creation of a call flow, this number will transition from the Spare Number Tab to the Numbers In Use Tab within the Numbers App.


Step 1: To modify the settings of this number, click on the pencil icon located on the right-hand side of the corresponding table row.

Step 2: Within the newly-opened window, you will notice that the parameters for this number are separated into three distinct sections: 

  • 911 Service Address; 

  • Caller ID;

  • Prepend (DNIS). 

You can navigate between these sections by either clicking on the corresponding section name or by scrolling with your mouse.

Filling out the 911 Service Address section is a statutory requirement. It ensures that, in the event of a call to 911 from this number, the operator can immediately determine the address of the terminal from which the call was made.

Once data entry commences, this tab cannot be exited until all mandatory fields have been completed.

Step 3: Within the Caller ID section, you have the option to enter the ID Name associated with the number. This name will be used to identify you during Inbound and Outbound calls. It is important to note that Inbound Caller ID Name must be activated separately by toggling the switch. This section is not mandatory.

Step 4: The Prepend (DNIS) section allows you to enter the text that will be displayed whenever you receive an incoming call.

This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple numbers that correspond to different roles assigned to you. If a phone number is assigned the "Tech Support" text to prepend, for instance, then, when you receive a call, your device will show "Tech Support +1 8022147166" to identify the purpose of the call.

To enable this feature, simply toggle the switch to the "Enabled" state. This section is also optional.

Step 5: Once you enter the parameters, they will appear in the respective columns within the table on the main Numbers In Use Tab of the Numbers App.

The "USED BY" column features a hyperlink that takes you to the call flow where the number is being used. Clicking on this link will redirect you to the relevant call flow in the Phone System App.

Please note that this setting can only be modified within the Phone System app.

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