How do I contact Ooma Enterprise Support?

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Description:  For any issues, questions or change requests, please refer to this guide for everything you need to know to effectively engage our support and operations teams to assist.

Ooma Enterprise Support: 
Business Hours Support:

Monday to Friday, 8AM to 8PM EST 


All non-service impacting requests will be addressed within our regular business hours in accordance with our response time SLAs. If a non-service impacting request has been received outside of business hours, this will be triaged on the next business day by our support team. 

After Hours Support: 


Our support team is available 24/7 for service impacting issues*. 


If you are experiencing a major service impacting issue at any time of day, please submit a ticket via and make sure to select Urgent as the priority. Doing so will immediately trigger an escalation to the relevant team member to triage and assist with your issue. You can also send an email to with the word URGENT or EMERGENCY in the email’s subject line to trigger an escalation. 


Please subscribe to our status page and you will be alerted in the event of a widespread outage: 


*An example of a major service impacting issue would be all phones are not working, all inbound/outbound calling is down, or a circuit is down.

When reporting an issue: 

Please provide as much detail as possible to help our support team better resolve your issue. Some common details include:                        
  • Account name                             
  • The phone or device's MAC address                             
  • The extension(s) or phone number(s) experiencing an issue                             
  • Whether the call was inbound or outbound                             
  • Approximate time issue occurred and was reported                             
  • How often is it happening?                             
  • All troubleshooting steps taken prior to escalating

How to submit a ticket: 


Using the Ooma Enterprise Support Portal: 


This is the best way is to submit a ticket. Using our support portal allows you to set the priority of the ticket, view its status, and see all updates in one place. 

Visit us at:                       
  1. Click Login or, if you’re new to Ooma, click Sign Up.
     a. If signing up for the first time, you will get an activation link sent to your email.
  2. Once logged in, click the +New Support Ticket link, fill in your email, and copy anyone that needs to be notified of the issue as well.
  3. Select your request type and provide a detailed description of your issue/question.
  4. Select your priority and click Submit.
     a. Urgent priority should be used for major service impacting issues only.
  5. Afterwards, you'll be able to keep track of your ticket's status. You will also receive any updates via email.

Via Email:

All replies will be delivered back via email. You can send us an email at the above address at any time. 

Via Phone: Call us at +1-866-688-6662 or +1-604-424-8647

Please select option 1 from the menu to reach our support team. If you know the extension of the person you're trying to reach, you may also dial it upon hearing the menu. 

Using the Ooma Enterprise Desktop or Mobile App: 


You can also submit a ticket while logged in to your Ooma Enterprise desktop or mobile app. 

  1. Click on the Settings options from the menu bar.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your screen and click Contact Support.
  3. Make sure your name and email address are correct.
  4. Type in a detailed explanation of your issue or question and attach a file if necessary.
  5. Click Submit.



Response Times:
When submitting a case, our support team will respond based on the priority of the case.

Please notify us of the priority of your case, in email you can do this by simply including the priority in the subject line of your email. Cases may be re-prioritized based on the nature of the issue (e.g., a phone outage will always be high priority, a name change will be low priority). 



Customer Support Escalations:

Adding/removing users, updating call flows, updating schedules, updating features

Technical Support Escalations:

Phone call quality issues, outages, calls not completing, phones unregistered

Account Management/Billing Escalations:

Contract renewals, credit requests, updating billing information

Billing Questions:

Using the Ooma Enterprise Support Portal:

The best way to submit a billing question ticket is to use the support portal and select Billing for the type of ticket.

Visit us at:

Via Email:

Via Phone: +1-866-688-6662 or +1-604-424-8647
Please select option 3 from the menu to reach our billing team.

View invoices and set up auto-pay:

You can access your invoices and/or set up auto-pay using the ‘StoreFront’. Once logged in, you can set up auto-pay by clicking on My Account and select Auto/Scheduled Payment Setup.

If you already have access to StoreFront, please login at

If you don’t have access to StoreFront or are unsure if you do, please contact the billing team to request access.

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