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Description: The purpose of this article is to provide a detailed overview of the interface of the Dashboards Tab of the Call Center App.

The Call Center App serves as the central digital workspace for call center operations. It grants call center managers access to a wide array of tools and features, facilitating efficient management and supervision of call center agents.

Upon entering the Call Center App, users will see the Dashboard Tab as the default view.

The Dashboard Tab is designed for call center managers, supervisors, or team leaders, accessible from their desktop computers. Its interface offers an intuitive approach, providing comprehensive real-time insights into the call center's operations.

The Dashboard Tab Interface Overview

All the presented information is divided into four primary sections.

  • Tab Selector: this panel serves as a navigation tool to switch between the main tabs of the Call Center App: the Dashboard Tab and the Manage Queues Tab.

For further information about the Manage Queues Tab, please refer to this article.

  • Dashboard of Queues: this area features a scrollable horizontal list of Queue Cards, each displaying real-time data of specific quantitative parameters that evaluate the effectiveness of agents assigned to a particular queue.

These parameters are:

  • Active calls: this value represents the number of currently active calls that are incoming through this queue.
  • Active agents: the provided number indicates the ratio of currently active agents in this specific queue compared to the total number of agents assigned to this queue.
  • Average wait. time: the average waiting time for a caller before they are connected to an agent.
  • Total calls: this value represents the total number of calls that have entered this queue for the current day.
  • Missed calls: this value represents the total number of answered calls for the current day.

Furthermore, there is a "Hide Queue" button available, which allows you to hide this section.

When you click on this button, the Dashboard of Queues will vanish from the page, and the subsequent sections will automatically expand to fill the empty space.

To restore the vanished Dashboard, simply click the "Show Queues" button located at the top of the page.

  • Incoming Calls List: this list comprises calls placed on hold, arranged by waiting time and custom priority level. 

  • Waiting Time: this value represents the duration of time that the caller has been placed on hold.

  • Active Call Details: this code reflects the combination of options selected by the caller through the automated menu while progressing through the call flow before reaching the agent. 

The code format follows this pattern: Skills:Tags:Phone Number.

  • Skills: this list showcases the skills that the caller has selected, and the responding agent should possess these specified skills.

  • Priority: when the star badge is activated, the selected call on hold is elevated to the top of the priority list. In cases where multiple calls on hold have the star badge enabled, the call with the highest priority is determined by its longer waiting time.

Moreover, there is a three-dot button that, upon clicking, opens a drop-down menu with the following options.

  • Copy call ID: by pressing this button, the Call ID of the selected call will be copied to the clipboard.
  • Forfeit call: upon choosing this option, the selected call will be removed from the Incoming Calls List.
The Forfeit Call function serves as a troubleshooting tool used when a call becomes stuck in a queue.
  • Dashboard of Agent Cards: on this section of the page, you'll find a scrollable list of Agent Cards, with each card presenting real-time status and call-handling data of agents under your management.

When you enable the "Hide offline agent" toggle switch, all offline agents will be excluded from being shown on the Dashboard of Agent Cards.

The topic of Agent Cards is extensive and cannot be covered here. Therefore, it has been documented in a separate article, and a link to it will be provided at the end of this article.

Below is a list of articles that explain various interface elements of the functioning of the Call Center App that have been documented separately for clarity and focus:

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