The Phone System App. Account - Site Location Tab

Modified on Tue, 30 May 2023 at 11:34 AM

Description: This tab contains a Table of Locations related to your Ooma Enterprise account, where one location is designated as the default. Moreover, it is possible to generate new locations from this section.  

When you first access the Site Location Tab, the Table of Locations will include a line that does not contain any specific address. This record is automatically designated as the Default Location. Each parameter of this particular entry has already been set to "Not Set". This record is automatically designated as the default location.

To enter the actual address, locate and click on the pencil icon on the far right column of this particular entry.

After you click the button, a new window will appear displaying a list of fields that you need to fill out. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. To save all the address data that you have entered, click the "Save" button. Alternatively, if you wish to discard any changes, you can click the "Cancel" button.

The data that you have entered will be displayed in the corresponding row of the Table of Locations on the Site Location Tab.

To add a new location, simply click on the "Add Location" button. 

Once the button is clicked, a new window will open, showing the same list of fields that you have previously completed for the Default Location. Once you have completed all the required fields and clicked the "Save" button, a new entry will be added to the Table of Locations.

Despite having different addresses and custom location names set by you, the Default Location and all other locations will appear visually identical, except for the green marker icon located in the corresponding column of the Table of Locations, and the Location ID fields that can be accessed by reviewing each record in the table.

All secondary locations will be automatically assigned with custom Location IDs, while the Location ID field of the Default Location will simply show "default."

It's important to note that within the Phone System App, it's not possible to reassign the Default Location status to any other location listed in the Table of Locations. If you need to change the address of the Default Location, you must find the corresponding record in the table and make the necessary updates to its fields.

By using the locations listed in the Table of Locations, you can save time when entering addresses in the Basics section of the Seats tab. 

These locations can also be used to set the 911 service address for a number in the Numbers App. 

Once you have inputted data into the fields, do not forget to click on the "SAVE" button to apply the changes. 

The Phone System App will display an icon of an exclamation mark within a green circle next to any fields that have been modified.

The Phone System App will notify you that leaving the page will result in the loss of any unsaved changes.

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