The Phone System App Dashboard

Modified on Tue, 30 May 2023 at 11:38 AM

Description: The Dashboard is a user interface that displays important information and provides access to various features and functions of the phone system. 

Upon opening the  Phone System App, the Dashboard will be displayed in the Main Space of the App by default. 

The Dashboard's user interface comprises Cards (or tiles) that showcase information in an attractive format. These Cards are arranged in a grid and their sizes are automatically adjusted to fit the browser's zoom scale and window size.

The Dashboard features six Cards with distinct functions.

  • SERVICE STATUS: is an info Card that displays whether all systems are operational or not.

  • ACCOUNT DETAILS: is an info Card that displays fundamental information about the account you're currently logged into.

Clicking the "Edit Account" button will take you to the app's Functional Subsection called Account.

  • SEATS / SERVICE PLAN: the information displayed on this Card exhibits the total number of Seats managed by your account and their allocation across different Ooma Enterprise Service Plans. By clicking the "Add Seat" button, you'll be directed to the app’s Functional Subsection named Seats.

  • NUMBERS: this info Card shows the quantities of phone numbers that have been purchased and assigned. To acquire more phone numbers for diverse uses, click the "Buy Number" button and you'll be directed to the Numbers App.

  • REPORTING: this Card is intended to exhibit information and include a redirection button to the Call History App, which is presently in development. This is why you're not seeing any information displayed at the moment.
  • KNOWLEDGE BASE: this Card features a direct hyperlink to the Knowledge Base section of the Ooma Enterprise Support website.

Additionally, you can find the "Submit a Ticket" button here, which, when clicked, will take you to the Submit a Ticket section of the Ooma Enterprise Support website.

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