Which button/key options can I program on my Mitel phone?

Modified on Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 2:36 PM

Description: You'd like to know what the options are for your configurable buttons/keys on the Mitel 6700/6800 Series.


Below provides a definition for each option available. These are configured via the Keys app.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) - This key can be configured to show the status (often referred to as presence) of different users within your organization. Green indicates the user is available, flashing yellow indicates the user is receiving a call and red indicates they are on a call. These keys can also be used as a speed dial key to call that user or as a way to transfer calls to a user.

Call Log - You can view missed, outgoing, received or a list of all calls from this screen. By scrolling through the list, you can redial previous entries.

Call Forward - You can configure a device to forward calls to another destination. This key will allow you to enable/disable the feature as well as add/edit/select the number you’d like to call forward to.

Conference - This key will show all the conference bridges on your account. You can scroll through the list and select the bridge you’d like to dial into. You may also access the list of who is currently in the conference bridge. Please note if there is a PIN needed to enter a conference, you will need this PIN to see the current members of the conference.

Directory - This key will allow you to scroll through the directory setup on your account. From here, you have the options dial, intercom and lookup users. There is also an option to change the default directory mode to show the entire list or start on the lookup option.

Do Not Disturb (DND) - Indicates key is configured for do not disturb on the phone. This prevents calls from ringing your device and will immediately send them to voicemail.

Follow Me - You can enable multiple devices, that are assigned to your extension, to ring simultaneously. The Follow-Me key permits you to enable/disable the selected devices. Please note if there is a cell phone device enabled but has DND turned on, there is a chance all calls will be rejected.

Intercom - This key allows you to dial an extension and have the device on the receiving end automatically answer via speakerphone allowing for a two way audio call.

Paging - Pressing this key automatically sends an audio stream to pre-configured multicast addresses (all desk phones on your account) without involving SIP signalling.

Parking - When this key is configured, it will show a list of all the parked calls available for pickup.

Park/Pickup - Indicates the key is configured to park incoming calls when pressed. The same key is used to pick up the previously parked call. Parking a call will allow you to put the call on hold with the option to have another user in your organization pickup that same call.

Ring Group - This key allows you to view and edit all the ring groups on your account. You can see the members in each one, the delay and ring time for each user/device and the ring strategy. Groups can be edited in the following ways: name, ring timeout, ring strategy, the number of times to repeat before moving onto the next callflow action, order of members in the group as well as the addition and deletion of members.

Speed Dial - You can configure a key to speed dial a specific number by pressing that key. Optionally, you can also configure a speed dial key to dial prefix numbers. With this option, the prefix numbers automatically dial when you press the key, and the phone waits for you to enter the remaining numbers to dial out.

Speed Dial List - You have the option to create up to 30 speed dial entries. The speed dial list allows you to access and scroll through them without having to program a key for each individual entry.

Voicemail - Pressing the voicemail key will automatically dial your voicemail box. Please note this will only work if the call flow is setup to dial the user then voicemail box immediately afterward.


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